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Definition of vocabulary entry

  1. :  a word (such as the noun book), hyphenated or open compound (such as the verb book-match or the noun book review), word element (such as the affix pro-), abbreviation (such as agt), verbalized symbol (such as Na), or term (such as man in the street) entered alphabetically in a dictionary for the purpose of definition or identification or expressly included as an inflected form (such as the noun mice or the verb saw) or as a derived form (such as the noun godlessness or the adverb globally) or related phrase (such as one for the book) run on at its base word and usually set in a type (such as boldface) readily distinguishable from that of the lightface running text which defines, explains, or identifies the entry

Circa 1934

First Known Use of vocabulary entry

circa 1934

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