under the sway of (someone)

Definition of under the sway of (someone)

  1. :  in or into a state of being controlled by (someone) They are under the sway of terrorists. He has come/fallen under the sway of terrorists.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  in or into a position below or beneath something

    :  below or short of some quantity, level, or limit

    :  in or into a condition of subjection, subordination, or unconsciousness

  1. :  below or beneath so as to be overhung, surmounted, covered, protected, or concealed by

    :  subject to the authority, control, guidance, or instruction of

    :  receiving or undergoing the action or effect of

  1. :  lower in rank or authority :  subordinate

  1. :  the action or an instance of swaying or of being swayed :  an oscillating, fluctuating, or sweeping motion

    :  an inclination or deflection caused by or as if by swaying

    :  a controlling influence

  1. :  to swing slowly and rhythmically back and forth from a base or pivot

    :  to move gently from an upright to a leaning position

    :  to hold sway :  act as ruler or governor

  1. :  some person :  somebody

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