under the plow

Definition of under the plow

of land

  1. :  used for growing crops The amount of local land under the plow is decreasing.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  in or into a position below or beneath something

    :  below or short of some quantity, level, or limit

    :  in or into a condition of subjection, subordination, or unconsciousness

  1. :  below or beneath so as to be overhung, surmounted, covered, protected, or concealed by

    :  subject to the authority, control, guidance, or instruction of

    :  receiving or undergoing the action or effect of

  1. :  lower in rank or authority :  subordinate

  1. :  an implement used to cut, lift, and turn over soil especially in preparing a seedbed

    :  any of various devices (such as a snowplow) operating like a plow

  1. :  to turn, break up, or work with a plow

    :  to make (something, such as a furrow) with a plow

    :  to cut into, open, or make furrows or ridges in with or as if with a plow

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