tread on the toes of (someone)

Definition of tread on the toes of (someone)

British, informal

  1. :  to do something that upsets or offends (someone) You might tread on the toes of some important people with this project.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to step or walk on or over

    :  to walk or proceed along :  follow

    :  to beat or press with the feet :  trample

  1. :  a mark (something, such as a footprint or the imprint of a tire) made by or as if by treading

    :  the action of treading

    :  an act or instance of treading :  step

toeplay toes
  1. :  one of the terminal members of the vertebrate foot

    :  the fore end of a foot or hoof

    :  a terminal segment of a limb of an invertebrate

  1. :  to furnish with a toe

    :  to touch, reach, or drive with the toe

    :  to drive (something, such as a nail) obliquely

  1. :  some person :  somebody

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