trash can


Definition of trash can


  1. :  a container that holds materials that have been thrown away

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  something worth little or nothing: such as

    :  junk, rubbish

    :  inferior or worthless writing or artistic matter (such as a television show)

  1. :  throw away

    :  vandalize, destroy

    :  attack, assault

  1. :  know, understand

    :  to be able to do, make, or accomplish

    :  to have knowledge or skill

  1. :  a usually cylindrical receptacle:

    :  a vessel for holding liquids

    :  a drinking vessel

  1. :  to put in a can :  preserve by sealing in airtight cans or jars

    :  to hit (a golf shot) into the cup

    :  to hit (a shot) in basketball

  1. : canceled; cancellation

    : cannon

    : canto

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