toot one's own horn

Definition of toot one's own horn

US, informal

  1. :  to talk about oneself or one's achievements especially in a way that shows pride or too much pride We've had a very successful year, and I think we have a right to toot our own horn a little.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to sound a short blast

    :  to sound a note or call suggesting the short blast of a wind instrument

    :  to blow or sound an instrument (such as a horn) especially so as to produce short blasts

  1. :  a short blast (as on a horn)

    :  a sound resembling such a blast

  1. :  a drinking bout :  spree

  1. : used to express immediate or direct kinship

  1. :  to have or hold as property :  possess

    :  to have power or mastery over

    :  to acknowledge to be true, valid, or as claimed :  admit

  1. :  one of the usually paired bony processes that arise from the head of many ungulates and that are found in some extinct mammals and reptiles: such as

    :  one of the permanent paired hollow sheaths of keratin usually present in both sexes of cattle and their relatives that function chiefly for defense and arise from a bony core anchored to the skull — see cow illustration

    :  antler

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