to the (tender) mercies of

Definition of to the (tender) mercies of

  1. :  without any protection from (someone or something one cannot control) As the army retreated, the people were left to the mercies of the advancing enemy.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  having a soft or yielding texture :  easily broken, cut, or damaged :  delicate, fragile

    :  easily chewed :  succulent

    :  physically weak :  not able to endure hardship

  1. :  consideration, regard

  1. :  to make tender :  soften, weaken

    :  to regard or treat with tenderness

    :  to become tender

  1. :  to make a tender of

    :  to present for acceptance :  offer

    :  to make a bid or tender

  1. :  an unconditional offer of money or service in satisfaction of a debt or obligation made to save a penalty or forfeiture for nonpayment or nonperformance

    :  an offer or proposal made for acceptance: such as

    :  an offer of a bid for a contract

  1. :  one that tends: such as

    :  a ship employed to attend other ships (as to supply provisions)

    :  a boat for communication or transportation between shore and a larger ship

  1. :  an often breaded strip of usually breast meat

    :  the tenderloin of a chicken

mercyplay mercies
  1. :  compassion or forbearance (see forbearance 1) shown especially to an offender or to one subject to one's power

    :  lenient or compassionate treatment

    :  imprisonment rather than death imposed as penalty for first-degree murder

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