throw/hurl/toss a monkey wrench into

Definition of throw/hurl/toss a monkey wrench into

US, informal

  1. :  to damage or change (something) in a way that ruins it or prevents it from working properly The storm threw a monkey wrench into their plans for a picnic.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to propel through the air by a forward motion of the hand and arm

    :  to propel through the air in any manner

    :  pitch

  1. :  an act of throwing, hurling, or flinging

    :  an act of throwing dice

    :  the number thrown with a cast of dice

  1. :  rush, hurtle

    :  pitch

    :  vomit

  1. :  to throw with a quick, light, or careless motion or with a sudden jerk

    :  to throw up in the air

    :  match

  1. :  an act or instance of tossing: such as

    :  throw, pitch

    :  an abrupt tilting or upward fling

  1. :  a nonhuman primate mammal with the exception usually of the lemurs and tarsiers

    :  any of the smaller longer-tailed catarrhine or platyrrhine primates as contrasted with the apes

    :  a person resembling a monkey

  1. :  mimic, mock

    :  to act in a grotesque or mischievous manner

    :  fool, trifle

  1. :  to move with a violent twist

    :  to undergo twisting

    :  to pull or strain at something with violent twisting

  1. :  a violent twisting or a pull with or as if with twisting

    :  a sharp twist or sudden jerk straining muscles or ligaments

    :  the resultant injury (as of a joint)

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