adjective ther·mo·bar·ic \ˌthər-mə-ˈbär-ik, -ˈber-ik, -ˈba-rik\

Definition of thermobaric

of a weapon

  1. :  containing a charge of fuel designed to ignite and combine with oxygen present in the atmosphere to produce a prolonged explosion Rather than fight their way into such caverns, U.S. forces have preferred to drop specialized … weapons, including thermobaric bombs that emit clouds of powdered fuel and ignite them, sending waves of heat and pressure through caverns and depleting the oxygen inside. — Peter Baker and Pamela Constable

Origin and Etymology of thermobaric

borrowed from Russian termobaricheskiy, from termo- thermo- + -baricheskiy, as in izobaricheskiy isobaric

First Known Use: 1999

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