the jet set

Definition of the jet set

somewhat old-fashioned

  1. :  wealthy people who often travel to different parts of the world

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  an airplane powered by one or more jet engines

    :  jet engine

    :  a long narrow current of high-speed winds (such as a jet stream)

  1. :  to travel by jet airplane

    :  to move or progress by or as if by jet propulsion

  1. :  to spout forth :  gush

    :  to emit in a stream :  spout

  1. :  an intense black

    :  a compact velvet-black coal that takes a good polish and is often used for jewelry

  1. :  of the color jet

  1. :  to cause to sit :  place in or on a seat

    :  to put (a fowl) on eggs to hatch them

    :  to put (eggs) for hatching under a fowl or into an incubator

  1. :  the act or action of setting

    :  the condition of being set

    :  a number of things of the same kind that belong or are used together

  1. :  intent, determined

    :  intentional, premeditated

    :  fixed by authority or appointment :  prescribed, specified

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