the funny farm

Definition of the funny farm

informal + humorous + often considered offensive

  1. :  a hospital for people who are mentally ill

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  affording light mirth and laughter :  amusing

    :  seeking or intended to amuse :  facetious

    :  differing from the ordinary in a suspicious, perplexing, quaint, or eccentric way :  peculiar

  1. :  one that is funny

    :  joke

  1. :  a sum or due fixed in amount and payable at fixed intervals

    :  a letting out of revenues or taxes for a fixed sum to one authorized to collect and retain them

    :  a district or division of a country leased out for the collection of government revenues

  1. :  rent

    :  to collect and take the fees or profits of (an occupation or business) on payment of a fixed sum

    :  to give up (as an estate or a business) to another on condition of receiving in return a fixed sum

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a brief usually trivial fact

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