the North Star

Definition of the North Star

  1. :  a bright star that can be seen in the sky in northern parts of the world when one is looking directly toward the north

Word by Word Definitions

northplay North
  1. :  to, toward, or in the north

  1. :  situated toward or at the north

    :  coming from the north

  1. :  the direction of the north terrestrial pole :  the direction to the left of one facing east

    :  the compass point directly opposite to south

    :  regions or countries lying to the north of a specified or implied point of orientation

starplay Star
  1. :  a natural luminous body visible in the sky especially at night

    :  a self-luminous gaseous spheroidal celestial body of great mass which produces energy by means of nuclear fusion reactions

    :  a waxing or waning fortune or fame

  1. :  to sprinkle or adorn with stars

    :  to mark with a star as being preeminent

    :  to mark with an asterisk

  1. :  of, relating to, or being a star

    :  of outstanding excellence :  preeminent

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