the Middle East

Definition of the Middle East

  1. :  the countries of northern Africa and southwestern Asia that are on or near the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea :  the Near East

Word by Word Definitions

middleplay Middle
  1. :  equally distant from the extremes :  medial, central

    :  being at neither extreme :  intermediate

    :  constituting a division intermediate between those prior and later or upper and lower

  1. :  a middle part, point, or position

    :  the central portion of the human body :  waist

    :  the position of being among or in the midst of something

eastplay East
  1. :  to, toward, or in the east

  1. :  situated toward or at the east

    :  coming from the east

  1. :  the general direction of sunrise :  the direction toward the right of one facing north

    :  the compass point directly opposite to west

    :  regions lying to the east of a specified or implied point of orientation

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