the Arctic Circle

Definition of the Arctic Circle

  1. :  an imaginary line that goes around the Earth near the North Pole

Word by Word Definitions

arcticplay Arctic
  1. :  of, relating to, or suitable for use at the north pole or the region near it

    :  bitter cold :  frigid

    :  cold in temper or mood

  1. :  a rubber overshoe reaching to the ankle or above

circleplay Circle
  1. :  ring, halo

    :  a closed plane (see 5plane 2b) curve every point of which is equidistant (see equidistant 1) from a fixed point within the curve

    :  the plane surface bounded by such a curve

  1. :  to enclose in or as if in a circle

    :  to move or revolve around

    :  to move in or as if in a circle

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