tempers begin to fray

Definition of tempers begin to fray

  1. :  people begin to get angry After months of delays, tempers began to fray.

Word by Word Definitions

temperplay tempers
  1. :  to dilute, qualify, or soften by the addition or influence of something else :  moderate

    :  to exercise control over :  govern, restrain

    :  to cause to be well disposed :  mollify

  1. :  a suitable proportion or balance of qualities :  a middle state between extremes :  mean, medium

    :  character, quality

    :  characteristic tone :  trend

  1. :  to do the first part of an action :  go into the first part of a process :  start

    :  to come into existence :  arise

    :  to have a starting point

  1. :  scare

    :  to frighten away

  1. :  a usually disorderly or protracted fight, struggle, or dispute

  1. :  to wear (as an edge of cloth) by or as if by rubbing :  fret

    :  to separate the threads at the edge of

    :  strain, irritate

  1. :  a raveled place or worn spot (as on fabric)

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