telephoto lens


Definition of telephoto lens

  1. :  a lens for a camera that makes things that are far away appear to be closer

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  being a camera lens system designed to give a large image of a distant object

    :  relating to or being photography in which a telephoto lens is used

  1. :  a telephoto lens

    :  a photograph taken with a camera having a telephoto lens

  1. :  a piece of transparent material (such as glass) that has two opposite regular surfaces either both curved or one curved and the other plane and that is used either singly or combined in an optical instrument for forming an image by focusing rays of light

    :  a combination of two or more simple lenses

    :  a piece of glass or plastic used (as in safety goggles or sunglasses) to protect the eye

  1. :  to make a motion picture of :  film

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