telegraph pole


Definition of telegraph pole


  1. :  a tall wooden pole that supports the wires of a telephone system

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  an apparatus for communication at a distance by coded signals

    :  an apparatus, system, or process for communication at a distance by electric transmission over wire

    :  telegram

  1. :  to send or communicate by or as if by telegraph

    :  to send a telegram to

    :  to send by means of a telegraphic order

  1. :  a long slender usually cylindrical object (as a length of wood)

    :  a shaft which extends from the front axle of a wagon between wheelhorses and by which the wagon is drawn :  tongue

    :  a long staff of wood, metal, or fiberglass used in the pole vault

  1. :  to act upon with a pole

    :  to impel or push with a pole

    :  to propel a boat with a pole

  1. :  either extremity of an axis of a sphere and especially of the earth's axis

    :  either of two related opposites

    :  a point of guidance or attraction

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