take one's place

Definition of take one's place

  1. 1 :  to go to the location where one is supposed to sit, stand, etc. The goalie took her place on the field. The actors take their places on the stage and the curtain rises. The senators gradually drifted in and took their places.

  2. 2 :  to be thought of or considered as sharing a particular rank or status with others The film will surely take its place among the greatest films of all time.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to get into one's hands or into one's possession, power, or control: such as

    :  to seize or capture physically

    :  to get possession of (fish or game) by killing or capturing

  1. :  something that is taken:

    :  the amount of money received :  proceeds, receipts, income

    :  share, cut

  1. :  physical environment :  space

    :  a way for admission or transit

    :  physical surroundings :  atmosphere

  1. :  to put in or as if in a particular place or position :  set

    :  to present for consideration

    :  to put in a particular state

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