spray paint


Definition of spray paint

  1. :  paint that is sprayed onto a surface from a hand-held can a can of spray paint

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a usually flowering branch or shoot

    :  a decorative flat arrangement of flowers and foliage (as on a coffin)

    :  something (as a jeweled pin) resembling a spray

  1. :  water flying in small drops or particles blown from waves or thrown up by a waterfall

    :  a jet of vapor or finely divided liquid

    :  a device (as an atomizer or sprayer) by which a spray is dispersed or applied

  1. :  to project spray or something resembling spray on or into

    :  to disperse or apply as a spray

    :  to break up into spray

  1. :  to apply color, pigment, or paint to

    :  to color with a cosmetic

    :  to apply with a movement resembling that used in painting

  1. :  the action of painting :  something produced by painting

    :  makeup

    :  a cosmetic to add color

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