slave over a hot stove

Definition of slave over a hot stove

  1. :  to cook I spent all day slaving over a hot stove.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a person held in servitude as the chattel of another

    :  one that is completely subservient to a dominating influence

    :  a device (such as the printer of a computer) that is directly responsive to another

  1. :  enslave

    :  to make directly responsive to another mechanism

    :  to work like a slave :  drudge

  1. :  across a barrier or intervening (see intervene 4) space

    :  across the goal line in football

    :  forward beyond an edge or brink and often down

  1. : used as a function word to indicate motion or situation in a position higher than or above another

    : used as a function word to indicate the possession of authority, power, or jurisdiction in regard to some thing or person

    : used as a function word to indicate superiority, advantage, or preference

  1. :  upper, higher

    :  outer, covering

    :  excessive

  1. :  to leap over

  1. :  having a relatively high temperature

    :  capable of giving a sensation of heat or of burning, searing, or scalding

    :  having heat in a degree exceeding normal body heat

  1. :  hotly

    :  fast, quickly

  1. :  a period of relatively high temperature :  a period of heat

    :  one that is hot (such as a hot meal or a horse just after a workout)

  1. :  heat, warm

  1. :  a portable or fixed apparatus that burns fuel or uses electricity to provide heat (as for cooking or heating)

    :  a device that generates heat for special purposes (as for heating tools or heating air for a hot blast)

    :  kiln

  1. : past tense and past participle ofstave

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