set (something or someone) against

phrasal verb

set (something or someone) against; setting (something or someone) against; sets (something or someone) against
: to put (something) in a place or position so that it is touching (something else)
He set the ladder against the wall.
: to cause the action of (a film, story, etc.) to happen in (a certain place or during a certain time)
often used as be set against
The story is set against (the backdrop of) the Second World War.
: to compare (something) to (something else)
Let's set the advantages against the disadvantages.
often used as (be) set against
The fines were small when set against the company's huge annual profits.
British : to list (something) as an expense in order to reduce (income for which tax is due)
You can set your mortgage payments against your rental income.
: to cause (someone) to disagree with or oppose (someone)
The incident set brother against brother.

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