geographical name \ˈsär, ˈzär\

Definition of Saar

  1. 1 or French Sarre play \ˈsär\ river ab 150 miles (241 kilometers) Europe flowing from Vosges Mountains in France N to the Moselle in W Germany

  2. 2 or Saarland play \ˈsär-ˌland, ˈzär-\ region W Europe in basin of Saar River between France & Germany; once part of Lorraine, became part of Germany in 19th century; administered by League of Nations 1919–35; became a state of Germany 1935; came under control of France after World War II; to W. Germany by a plebiscite January 1, 1957, as a state (Saarland) ∗ Saarbrücken area 991 square miles (2567 square kilometers), pop 1,073,000

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