rub elbows with

Definition of rub elbows with

US, informal

  1. :  to meet and talk with (someone) in a friendly way The awards dinner gave me the opportunity to rub elbows with some of today's greatest American poets.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to move along the surface of a body with pressure :  grate

    :  to fret or chafe with or as if with friction

    :  to cause discontent, irritation, or anger

  1. :  an unevenness of surface (as of the ground in lawn bowling)

    :  obstruction, difficulty

    :  something grating to the feelings (such as a gibe or harsh criticism)

elbowplay elbows
  1. :  the joint of the human arm

    :  a corresponding joint in the anterior limb of a lower vertebrate

    :  something (as macaroni or an angular pipe fitting) resembling an elbow

  1. :  to push with the elbow :  jostle

    :  to shove aside by pushing with or as if with the elbow

    :  to force (as one's way) by pushing with or as if with the elbow

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