rig the ballot

Definition of rig the ballot

  1. :  to control the results of the election dishonestly He claims that his opponent won by rigging the ballot.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to fit out with rigging

    :  clothe, dress

    :  to furnish with special gear :  equip

  1. :  the distinctive shape, number, and arrangement of sails and masts of a ship

    :  equipage

    :  a carriage with its horse

  1. :  to manipulate or control usually by deceptive or dishonest means

    :  to fix in advance for a desired result

  1. :  a small ball used in secret voting

    :  a sheet of paper used to cast a secret vote

    :  the action or system of secret voting

  1. :  to vote or decide by ballot

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