remote sensing


Definition of remote sensing


  1. :  the use of satellites to collect information about and take photographs of the Earth

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  separated by an interval or space greater than usual

    :  far removed in space, time, or relation :  divergent

    :  out-of-the-way, secluded

  1. :  a radio or television program or a portion of a program originating outside the studio

    :  remote control

senseplay sensing
  1. :  a meaning conveyed or intended :  import, signification

    :  one of a set of meanings a word or phrase may bear especially as segregated in a dictionary entry

    :  the faculty of perceiving by means of sense organs

  1. :  to perceive by the senses (see 1sense 2)

    :  to be or become conscious of

    :  grasp, comprehend

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holding stubbornly to a belief or view

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