remand (someone) on bail

Definition of remand (someone) on bail

law, British

  1. :  to allow (someone) to post bail and wait for trial at home instead of in prison

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to order back: such as

    :  to send back (a case) to another court or agency for further action

    :  to return to custody pending trial or for further detention

  1. :  some person :  somebody

  1. :  a container used to remove water from a boat

  1. :  bail out

  1. :  the temporary release of a prisoner in exchange for security (see security 2a) given for the prisoner's appearance at a later hearing

    :  security given for the release of a prisoner on bail

    :  one who provides bail

  1. :  to temporarily release (a prisoner) in exchange for security (see security 2a) given for appearance at a later hearing :  to release under bail (see 3bail 1)

    :  to procure the release of by giving bail (see 3bail 2)

  1. :  a U-shaped strip used to support something (such as the cover of a wagon or the canopy of a small boat)

    :  a hinged bar for holding paper against the platen of a typewriter

    :  a usually arched handle (as of a kettle or pail)

  1. :  to deliver (personal property) in trust to another for a special purpose and for a limited period

  1. :  a device for confining or separating animals

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