raise/lower the temperature

Definition of raise/lower the temperature

  1. :  to make people more/less angry about a situation The governor's speech raised/lowered the political temperature.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to cause or help to rise to a standing position

    :  awaken, arouse

    :  to stir up :  incite

  1. :  an act of raising or lifting

    :  a rising stretch of road :  an upward grade :  rise

    :  an increase in amount: such as

  1. :  to look sullen :  frown

    :  to be or become dark, gloomy, and threatening

  1. :  frown

  1. :  relatively low in position, rank, or order

    :  southern

    :  less advanced in the scale of evolutionary development

  1. :  to move down :  drop

    :  diminish

    :  to let descend :  let down

  1. :  degree of hotness or coldness measured on a definite scale

    :  the degree of heat that is natural to the body of a living being

    :  abnormally high body heat

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to cast off or become cast off

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