quick as a flash

Definition of quick as a flash


  1. :  very quickly The waitress brought our order (as) quick as a flash.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  not dead :  living, alive

    :  acting or capable of acting with speed: such as

    :  fast in understanding, thinking, or learning :  mentally agile

  1. :  living beings

    :  a painfully sensitive spot or area of flesh (such as that underlying a fingernail or toenail)

    :  the inmost sensibilities

  1. :  in a quick manner

  1. :  rush, dash

    :  to break forth in or like a sudden flame or flare

    :  to appear suddenly

  1. :  a sudden burst of light

    :  a movement of a flag in signaling

    :  a sudden and often brilliant burst

  1. :  flashy, showy

    :  of, relating to, or characteristic of flashy people or things

    :  of, relating to, or characteristic of persons considered social outcasts

  1. :  by very brief exposure to an intense altering agent (such as heat or cold)

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