put/roll/throw out the welcome mat


Definition of put/roll/throw out the welcome mat

: to welcome someone in a warm and friendly way
  • The family rolled out the welcome mat for the new exchange student.

Word by Word Definitions

put play
  1. : to place in a specified position or relationship : lay

  2. : to move in a specified direction

  3. : to send (something, such as a weapon or missile) into or through something : thrust

  1. : a throw made with an overhand pushing motion

  2. : an option to sell a specified amount of a security (such as a stock) or commodity (such as wheat) at a fixed price at or within a specified time — compare call 3d

  1. : being in place : fixed, set

roll play
  1. : a written document that may be rolled up : scroll

  2. : a manuscript book

  3. : a list of names or related items : catalog

  1. : to impel forward by causing to turn over and over on a surface

  2. : to cause to revolve by turning over and over on or as if on an axis

  3. : to cause to move in a circular manner

  1. : a sound produced by rapid strokes on a drum

  2. : a sonorous and often rhythmical flow of speech

  3. : a heavy reverberatory sound

throw play
  1. : to propel through the air by a forward motion of the hand and arm

  2. : to propel through the air in any manner

  3. : pitch

  1. : an act of throwing, hurling, or flinging

  2. : an act of throwing dice

  3. : the number thrown with a cast of dice

out play
  1. : in a direction away from the inside or center

  2. : outside

  3. : from among others

  1. : eject, oust

  2. : to identify publicly as being such secretly

  3. : to become publicly known

  1. used as a function word to indicate an outward movement

  1. : situated outside : external

  2. : out-of-bounds

  3. : situated at a distance : outlying

  1. : outside

  2. : one who is out of office or power or on the outside

  3. : an act or instance of putting a player out or of being put out in baseball

  1. : in a manner that exceeds or surpasses and sometimes overpowers or defeats

welcome play
  1. : to greet hospitably and with courtesy or cordiality

  2. : to accept with pleasure the occurrence or presence of

  1. used to express a greeting to a guest or newcomer upon arrival

  1. : received gladly into one's presence or companionship

  2. : giving pleasure : received with gladness or delight especially in response to a need

  3. : willingly permitted or admitted

  1. : a greeting or reception usually upon arrival

  2. : the state of being welcome

mat play
  1. : a piece of coarse, woven, plaited, or felted fabric used especially as a floor covering or a support

  2. : a piece of material placed at a door for wiping soiled shoe soles

  3. : a decorative piece of material used under a small item (such as a dish) especially for support or protection

  1. : to provide with a mat or matting

  2. : to form into a tangled mass

  3. : to pack down so as to form a dense mass

  1. : to make (something, such as a metal, glass, or color) matte

  2. : to provide (a picture) with a mat

  1. : less common spelling of matte:2

  2. : lacking or deprived of luster (see 2luster 1) or gloss: such as

  3. : having a usually smooth even surface free from shine or highlights

  1. : a border going around a picture between picture and frame or serving as the frame

  1. : matrix

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