put/place a premium on

Definition of put/place a premium on

  1. :  to value (something) highly Publishers put/place a premium on accuracy.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to place in a specified position or relationship :  lay

    :  to move in a specified direction

    :  to send (something, such as a weapon or missile) into or through something :  thrust

  1. :  a throw made with an overhand pushing motion

    :  the act or an instance of putting the shot

    :  an option to sell a specified amount of a security (such as a stock) or commodity (such as wheat) at a fixed price at or within a specified time — compare call 3d

  1. :  being in place :  fixed, set

  1. :  physical environment :  space

    :  a way for admission or transit

    :  physical surroundings :  atmosphere

  1. :  to put in or as if in a particular place or position :  set

    :  to present for consideration

    :  to put in a particular state

  1. :  a reward or recompense for a particular act

    :  a sum over and above a regular price paid chiefly as an inducement or incentive

    :  a sum in advance of or in addition to the nominal value of something

  1. :  of exceptional quality or amount

    :  higher-priced

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