push/hit/press the panic button


Definition of push/hit/press the panic button

: to become extremely afraid or nervous when something bad happens or might happen
  • Medical officials says there is no need to push the panic button over two isolated cases of the disease.

Word by Word Definitions

push play
  1. : to press against with force in order to drive or impel

  2. : to move or endeavor to move away or ahead by steady pressure without striking

  3. : to thrust forward, downward, or outward

  1. : a vigorous effort to attain an end : drive:

  2. : a military assault or offensive

  3. : an advance that overcomes obstacles

hit play
  1. : to reach with or as if with a sudden blow

  2. : to come in quick forceful contact with

  3. : to strike (something, such as a ball) with an object (such as a bat, club, or racket) so as to impart or redirect motion

  1. : an act or instance of striking or forcefully coming in contact with someone or something : an act or instance of hitting or being hit

  2. : a stroke of luck

  3. : a great success

press play
  1. : a crowd or crowded condition : throng

  2. : a thronging or crowding forward or together

  3. : an apparatus or machine by which a substance is cut or shaped, an impression of a body is taken, a material is compressed, pressure is applied to a body, liquid is expressed, or a cutting tool is fed into the work by pressure

  1. : to act upon through steady pushing or thrusting force exerted in contact : squeeze

  2. : assail, harass

  3. : afflict, oppress

  1. : to force into service especially in an army or navy : impress

  2. : to take by authority especially for public use : commandeer

  3. : to take and force into any usually emergency service

  1. : impressment into service especially in a navy

  2. : a warrant for impressing recruits

panic play
  1. : of, relating to, or resembling the mental or emotional state believed induced by the god Pan

  2. : of, relating to, or arising from a panic

  3. : of or relating to the god Pan

  1. : a sudden overpowering fright

  2. : a sudden unreasoning terror often accompanied by mass flight

  3. : a sudden widespread fright concerning financial affairs that results in a depression of values caused by extreme measures for protection of property (such as securities)

  1. : to affect with panic

  2. : to cause to laugh uproariously

  3. : to be affected with panic

button play
  1. : a small knob or disk secured to an article (as of clothing) and used as a fastener by passing it through a buttonhole or loop

  2. : a usually circular metal or plastic badge bearing a stamped design or printed slogan

  3. : something that resembles a button: such as

  1. : to furnish or decorate with buttons

  2. : to pass (a button) through a buttonhole or loop

  3. : to close or fasten with buttons

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relating to a homily or preaching

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