punch holes in

Definition of punch holes in

  1. :  to weaken or destroy (an idea, plan, belief, etc.) by proving that parts of it are wrong Lawyers tried to punch holes in her argument.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a tool usually in the form of a short rod of steel that is variously shaped at one end for different operations (such as forming, perforating, embossing, or cutting)

    :  a short tapering steel rod for driving the heads of nails below a surface

    :  a steel die faced with a letter in relief that is forced into a softer metal to form an intaglio matrix from which foundry type is cast

  1. :  prod, poke

    :  drive, herd

    :  to strike with a forward thrust especially of the fist

  1. :  the action of punching

    :  a quick blow with or as if with the fist

    :  effective energy or forcefulness

  1. :  a hot or cold drink that is usually a combination of hard liquor, wine, or beer and nonalcoholic beverages

    :  a drink that is a mixture of nonalcoholic beverages

holeplay holes
  1. :  an opening through something :  perforation

    :  an area where something is missing :  gap: such as

    :  a serious discrepancy :  flaw, weakness

  1. :  to make an opening through or a hallowed-out place in (as by cutting, digging, boring, or shooting at) :  to make a hole (see 1hole) in

    :  to drive or hit into a hole

    :  to make an opening through or a hallowed-out place in something :  to make a hole in something

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