prodigal son/daughter

Definition of prodigal son/daughter

  1. :  a son/daughter who leaves his or her parents to do things that they do not approve of but then feels sorry and returns home —often used figuratively He left the company several years ago, but now the prodigal son has returned.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  characterized by profuse or wasteful expenditure :  lavish

    :  recklessly spendthrift

    :  yielding abundantly :  luxuriant

  1. :  one who spends or gives lavishly and foolishly

    :  one who has returned after an absence

  1. :  a human male offspring especially of human beings

    :  a male adopted child

    :  a human male descendant

  1. :  a female offspring especially of human parents

    :  a female adopted child

    :  a human female descendant

  1. :  having the characteristics or relationship of a daughter (see 1daughter 1)

    :  belonging to the first generation of offspring, organelles, or molecules produced by reproduction, division, or replication

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a trip made at another's expense

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