present writer

Definition of present writer

somewhat formal

  1. —used to refer to oneself as the person who is writing something No one—present writer included—thought the plan would work. She is promoting her latest movie, which the present writer has not yet seen.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  something presented :  gift

  1. :  to bring or introduce into the presence of someone especially of superior rank or status

    :  to introduce socially

    :  to bring (something, such as a play) before the public

  1. :  now existing or in progress

    :  being in view or at hand

    :  existing in something mentioned or under consideration

  1. :  present occasion or affair

    :  the present words or statements

    :  the legal instrument or other writing in which these words are used

  1. :  one that writes: such as

    :  author

    :  one who writes stock options

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to criticize severely

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