adjective po·ma·ceous \pō-ˈmā-shəs\

Definition of pomaceous

  1. 1 :  of or relating to apples

  2. 2 [pome] :  resembling a pome

Did You Know?

Pomaceous was first planted in the English language by physician Edward Baynard when, in 1706, he advised, "Apples and pomaceous Juices, are the greatest Pectorals." ("Pectoral" is now a rarely used word for a food that helps digestion.) Since then, "pomaceous" has mainly been sown by botanists and poets. The word, which is ultimately derived from Late Latin pomum (meaning "apple"), was originally used of apples and things relating to apples, but later it was also applied to things that look like pears. (Pears, like apples, belong to the pome family.)

Origin and Etymology of pomaceous

New Latin pomaceus, from Late Latin pomum

First Known Use: 1706

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