ply for hire/business/trade

Definition of ply for hire/business/trade


  1. :  to try to get customers or business Taxis ply for hire/business outside the train station. The company is plying for trade in America.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to use or wield diligently

    :  to practice or perform diligently

    :  to keep furnishing or supplying something to

  1. :  one of several layers (as of cloth) usually sewn or laminated together

    :  one of the strands in a yarn

    :  one of the veneer sheets forming plywood

  1. :  to twist together

  1. :  payment for the temporary use of something

    :  payment for labor or personal services :  wages

    :  the act or an instance of hiring (see 2hire)

  1. :  to engage the personal services of for a set sum

    :  to engage the temporary use of for a fixed sum

    :  to grant the personal services of or temporary use of for a fixed sum

  1. :  purposeful activity :  busyness

    :  role, function

    :  an immediate task or objective :  mission

  1. :  a path traversed :  way

    :  a track or trail left by a person or animal :  tread

    :  a customary course of action :  practice

  1. :  to have dealings :  negotiate

    :  to engage in the exchange, purchase, or sale of goods

    :  to make one's purchases :  shop

  1. :  of, relating to, or used in trade

    :  intended for or limited to persons in a business or industry

    :  serving others in the same business rather than the ultimate user or consumer

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