plump for

Definition of plump for


  1. 1 US :  to express support for (someone or something) The President plumped for the incumbent candidate in the election.

  2. 2 British :  to choose (someone or something) after thinking carefully I finally plumped for the blue dress.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to drop, sink, or come in contact suddenly or heavily

    :  to drop, cast, or place suddenly or heavily

    :  to give support and favorable publicity to

  1. :  a sudden plunge, fall, or blow

    :  the sound made by a plump

  1. :  with a sudden or heavy drop

    :  straight down

    :  straight ahead

  1. :  group, flock

  1. :  to make plump

    :  to become plump

  1. :  having a full rounded usually pleasing form

    :  ample, abundant

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