pine away

Definition of pine away

  1. :  to become thin and weak because of sadness or loss Since his wife left him, he spends his days alone, pining away.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  any of a genus (Pinus of the family Pinaceae, the pine family) of coniferous evergreen trees that have slender elongated needles and include some valuable timber trees and ornamentals

    :  the straight-grained white or yellow usually durable and resinous wood of a pine varying from extreme softness in the white pine to hardness in the longleaf pine

    :  any of various Australian coniferous trees (as of the genera Callitris or Araucaria)

  1. :  to lose vigor, health, or flesh (as through grief) :  languish

    :  to yearn intensely and persistently especially for something unattainable

  1. :  on the way :  along

    :  from this or that place

    :  in a secure place or manner

  1. :  absent from a place :  gone

    :  distant in space or time

    :  played on an opponent's grounds

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