outward looking

Definition of outward looking

  1. :  thinking about other people or places The country has become more outward looking in its economic policies.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  moving, directed, or turned toward the outside or away from a center

    :  situated on the outside :  exterior

    :  of or relating to the body or to appearances rather than to the mind or the inner life

  1. :  toward the outside

    :  on the outside :  externally

  1. :  external form, appearance, or reality

lookplay looking
  1. :  to make sure or take care (that something is done)

    :  to ascertain by the use of one's eyes

    :  to exercise the power of vision upon :  examine

  1. :  the act of looking

    :  glance

    :  the expression of the countenance

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