opera glasses


Definition of opera glasses

  1. :  small binoculars that are designed to be used in a theater

Word by Word Definitions

  1. : plural ofopus

  1. :  a drama set to music and made up of vocal pieces with orchestral accompaniment and orchestral overtures (see 1overture 2) and interludes (see interlude 3)

    :  grand opera

    :  the score (see 1score 6) of a musical drama

glassplay glasses
  1. :  any of various amorphous materials formed from a melt by cooling to rigidity without crystallization: such as

    :  a usually transparent or translucent material consisting typically of a mixture of silicates

    :  a material (such as obsidian) produced by fast cooling of magma

  1. :  to provide with glass :  glaze

    :  to enclose, case, or wall with glass

    :  to make glassy

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