one's brain turns into/to mush

Definition of one's brain turns into/to mush

  1. —used to say that one is unable to think clearly or well I was so tired my brain turned into/to mush.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  the portion of the vertebrate central nervous system enclosed in the skull and continuous with the spinal cord through the foramen magnum that is composed of neurons and supporting and nutritive structures (as glia) and that integrates sensory information from inside and outside the body in controlling autonomic function (as heartbeat and respiration), in coordinating and directing correlated motor responses, and in the process of learning — compare forebrain, hindbrain, midbrain

    :  a nervous center in invertebrates comparable in position and function to the vertebrate brain

    :  intellect, mind

  1. :  to kill by smashing the skull

    :  to hit on the head

turnplay turns
  1. :  to cause to move around an axis or a center :  make rotate or revolve

    :  to cause to move around so as to effect a desired end (as of locking, opening, or shutting)

    :  to affect or alter the functioning of (something, such as a mechanical device) or the level of (something, such as sound) by such movement

  1. :  the action or an act of turning about a center or axis :  revolution, rotation

    :  any of various rotating or pivoting movements in dancing or gymnastics

    :  the action or an act of giving or taking a different direction :  change of course or posture : such as

  1. :  a thick porridge made with cornmeal boiled in water or milk

    :  something soft and spongy or shapeless

    :  weak sentimentality :  drivel

  1. :  to reduce to a crumbly mass

    :  to fly in a partly or nearly stalled condition

  1. :  a trip especially across snow with a dog team

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