on the/someone's/something's way

Definition of on the/someone's/something's way

  1. 1 :  in a state of development :  in progress :  to be happening soon More layoffs are said to be on the way.

  2. 2 :  moving from one place to another place The package should be on its way. It's getting late. I'm afraid I must be on my way. A funny thing happened to me on my/the way here. You need help? I'm on my way.

  3. 3 :  changing from one level or condition to another level or condition House prices are on their way up.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  some person :  somebody

  1. :  some indeterminate or unspecified thing

    :  a person or thing of consequence

    :  one having more or less the character, qualities, or nature of something different

  1. :  in some degree :  somewhat

    : used as an intensive giving adverbial force to an adjective

  1. :  a thoroughfare for travel or transportation from place to place

    :  an opening for passage

    :  the course traveled from one place to another :  route

  1. :  of, connected with, or constituting an intermediate point on a route

  1. :  by a long distance :  to a considerable degree or extent :  far

    :  by far :  much

    :  very

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