on skid row

Definition of on skid row

chiefly US, informal

  1. :  having no money, job, home, etc., and not able to take care of oneself You'll end up on skid row if you don't stop drinking..

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  one of a group of objects (as planks or logs) used to support or elevate a structure or object

    :  a wooden fender hung over a ship's side to protect it in handling cargo

    :  a usually iron shoe or clog attached to a chain and placed under a wheel to prevent its turning when descending a steep hill :  drag

  1. :  to apply a brake or skid to :  slow or halt by a skid

    :  to haul (as logs) by dragging

    :  to haul along, slide, hoist, or store on skids

  1. :  to propel a boat by means of oars

    :  to move by or as if by the propulsion of oars

    :  to propel with or as if with oars

  1. :  an act or instance of rowing

  1. :  a number of objects arranged in a usually straight line

    :  the line along which such objects are arranged

    :  way, street

  1. :  to form into rows

  1. :  a noisy disturbance or quarrel

  1. :  to engage in a row :  have a quarrel

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