odd duck

Definition of odd duck

  1. :  a strange person

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  being without a corresponding (see corresponding 1) mate

    :  left over after others are paired or grouped

    :  separated from a set or series

  1. :  any of various swimming birds (family Anatidae, the duck family) in which the neck and legs are short, the feet typically webbed, the bill often broad and flat, and the sexes usually different from each other in plumage

    :  the flesh of any of these birds used as food

    :  a female duck — compare drake

  1. :  to thrust under water

    :  to lower (as the head) quickly :  bow

    :  avoid, evade

  1. :  an instance of ducking

  1. :  a durable closely woven usually cotton fabric

    :  light clothes and especially trousers made of duck

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