nothing ventured, nothing gained

Definition of nothing ventured, nothing gained

  1. —used to say that it is worth trying to do something because one might succeed even though success is not certain

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  not any thing :  no thing

    :  no part

    :  one of no interest, value, or consequence

  1. :  not at all :  in no degree

  1. :  something that does not exist

    :  the absence of all magnitude or quantity

    :  zero

  1. :  of no account :  worthless

ventureplay ventured
  1. :  to expose to hazard :  risk, gamble

    :  to undertake the risks and dangers of :  brave

    :  to offer at the risk of rebuff, rejection, or censure

  1. :  destiny, fortune, chance

    :  an undertaking involving chance, risk, or danger

    :  a speculative business enterprise

gainplay gained
  1. :  resources or advantage acquired or increased :  profit

    :  the act or process of acquiring something

    :  an increase in amount, magnitude, or degree

  1. :  to acquire or get possession of usually by industry, merit, or craft

    :  to win in competition or conflict

    :  to arrive at :  reach, attain

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