pronoun my·self \mī-ˈself, mə-, Southern also -ˈsef\

Definition of myself

  1. 1 :  that identical one that is I —used reflexively I'm going to get myself a new suit, for emphasis I myself will go, or in absolute constructions myself a tourist, I nevertheless avoided other tourists

  2. 2 :  my normal, healthy, or sane condition didn't feel myself yesterday

Using myself in Place of i or me

Myself is often used where I or me might be expected: as subject to wonder what myself will say — Emily Dickinson others and myself continued to press for the legislation, after as, than, or like an aversion to paying such people as myself to tutor was enough to make a better man than myself quail old-timers like myself, and as object. now here you see myself with the diver for my wife and myself it was a happy time Such uses almost always occur when the speaker or writer is referring to himself or herself as an object of discourse rather than as a participant in discourse. The other reflexive personal pronouns are similarly but less frequently used in the same circumstances. Critics have frowned on these uses since about the turn of the century, prob. unaware that they serve a definite purpose. Users themselves are as unaware as the critics—they simply follow their instincts. These uses are standard.

Examples of myself in a sentence

  1. I'm not myself today. I just don't feel right.

Before 12th Century

First Known Use of myself

before 12th century

MYSELF Defined for English Language Learners


pronoun my·self \mī-ˈself, mə-, Southern also -ˈsef\

Definition of myself for English Language Learners

  • : the person who is speaking or writing:

  • —used as the object of a verb or preposition to refer to yourself after you have already been mentioned

  • —used for emphasis to refer again to yourself after you have already been mentioned

MYSELF Defined for Kids


pronoun my·self \mī-ˈself, mə-\

Definition of myself for Students

  1. :  my own self I hurt myself. I myself did it.

by myself

  1. :  1alone 1

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