noun munt·jac \ˈmən(t)-ˌjak, ˈmən-ˌchak\

Definition of muntjac

  1. :  any of a genus (Muntiacus) of small deer of southeastern Asia with an alarm call similar to the bark of a dog and having in the male elongated, downward-pointing upper canine teeth which protrude from the lip and short, usually unbranched, pointed antlers :  barking deer Would-be predators risk flesh-ripping tusks, or long canine teeth, which extend an inch or two from muntjacs' mouths. — Noel Vietmeyer A muntjac or barking deer, was found in the Vu Quang Preserve in Nghe Tinh Province, Vietnam. — Tom Hilchey

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Origin and Etymology of muntjac

Sundanese (Austronesian language of western Java) mənyčək

First Known Use: 1771

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