more power to someone's elbow

Definition of more power to someone's elbow

British, informal

  1. —used to say that one approves of what someone is doing and hopes it will be successful If he wants to write a book, more power to his elbow!

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  greater

    :  additional, further

  1. :  in addition

    :  moreover

  1. :  a greater quantity, number, or amount

    :  something additional :  an additional amount

    :  persons of higher rank

  1. :  additional persons or things or a greater amount

  1. :  ability to act or produce an effect

    :  ability to get extra-base hits

    :  capacity for being acted upon or undergoing an effect

  1. :  to supply with power and especially motive power

    :  to give impetus to

    :  to move about by means of motive power

  1. :  operated mechanically or electrically rather than manually

    :  of, relating to, or utilizing strength

    :  powerful

  1. :  some person :  somebody

  1. :  the joint of the human arm

    :  a corresponding joint in the anterior limb of a lower vertebrate

    :  something (such as macaroni or an angular pipe fitting) resembling an elbow

  1. :  to push with the elbow :  jostle

    :  to shove aside by pushing with or as if with the elbow

    :  to force (one's way) by pushing with or as if with the elbow

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to criticize severely

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