model oneself after

Definition of model oneself after

chiefly US

  1. :  to try to be like and to behave like (someone one admires) Children often model themselves after their parents.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a set of plans for a building

    :  copy, image

    :  structural design

  1. :  to plan or form after a pattern :  shape

    :  to make into an organization (as an army, government, or parish)

    :  to shape or fashion in a plastic material

  1. :  serving as or capable of serving as a pattern

    :  being a usually miniature representation of something

  1. :  one's normal, healthy, or sane condition or self

  1. :  following in time or place :  afterward, behind, later

  1. :  behind in place

    :  subsequent to in time or order

    :  subsequent to and in view of

  1. :  subsequently to the time when

  1. :  later in time

    :  located toward the rear and especially toward the stern of a ship or tail of an aircraft

  1. : used with a present participle to indicate action completed and especially just completed

  1. :  afternoon

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