might/should have known

Definition of might/should have known

  1. —used to say that one is not surprised to learn of something I should have known it would be too expensive. “She says she's going to be late.” “I might have known.”

Word by Word Definitions

  1. : past tense ofmay

    : used in auxiliary function to express permission, liberty, probability, possibility in the past or a present condition contrary to fact or less probability or possibility than may or as a polite alternative to may or to ought or should

  1. :  the power, authority, or resources wielded (as by an individual or group)

    :  bodily strength

    :  the power, energy, or intensity of which one is capable

  1. : past tense ofshall

    : used in auxiliary function to express condition

    : used in auxiliary function to express obligation, propriety, or expediency

  1. :  generally recognized

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